Quick Six Interview Series Presents: Plunkie

Hello everyone, and welcome back to the Quick Six Interview Series. It has been a little while since we have had an interview, but our guest today has inspired us to get back to this series and find talented individuals out there who are more than worthy of some additional coverage. This issue’s featured hails from the middle of the country in Springfield, Missouri. He has played Backwoods Music Festival this past fall and has been working on a number of tracks this year with plans to continue creating and releasing new content coming in 2016. So, without further delay let’s meet the artist known as Plunkie:

Cypher Sessions: From listening to your music, the listener can kind of tell there are a number of influences on your stylistic choices. What artists inspired you to start, and who inspired you to start producing?

Plunkie: I have been in the scene going on 11 years now, so when I first started really getting into the music I was really into Electro artists such as Justice, Boys Noize, MSTRKRFT, Daft Punk, just to name a few. It was really in 2010 when I first realized that maybe I would enjoy the music more if I started to create my own beats/loops/and eventually turning them into full records. I would say I personally pushed myself to really step into the realm of production; seeing the progression of the scene it only made sense if I wanted to further myself as an artist, I would need to be making my own tunes as well.

CS: You play a number of different styles, and one of those styles in dubstep. In recent years, dubstep has gone from a colossal ascension into popularity before being brought back down to earth. Where do you see dubstep going?

P: This is a great question… I honestly think that dubstep is here to stay. Just over the last weekend there was a show in STL in the midwest that pulled over 1k attendees and it was an all dubstep artist lineup. The consumers coming to these events like to dance, and they like to dance hard. With EDM, I feel like there will always be something that is “NEW and POPULAR”, but I think certain genres that have really made their own staple will be here for a long long time to come, and I feel dubstep has very much so made that apparent.

CS: So you are from Springfield, MO; for those of our readers who aren’t familiar with what’s going on in the music scene out there, what should they look for?

P: Here in Springfield, MO we have an unbelievable amount of talent not just in music, but in flow arts/regular arts/etc. We have a very talented group in this area. The scene here isn’t as “big” or as “regular” going as some of the more well established scenes, as we usually only have 1-2 EDM events here each month. Within the last 3 months we have had Filibusta in town, as well as Herobust, which are pretty well known names here in 2015.


CS: Outside of music, what catches your attention and holds your interest?

P: Outside of music, I think that learning is something that catches and holds my attention. I am always up for learning something I may know little or nothing at all about, and sometimes brushing up on things learned in past. Besides music, I like to travel and I do enjoy myself some good ol’ video games. 😛

CS: If one were to venture into Springfield, what would one want to check out while out there?

P: If anyone interested on the outside were to visit Springfield, I would suggest some of our local favorite restaurants(Ocean Zen, Grad School, Pappos Pizza), or if you’re looking for a good show, go on downtown to South/Walnut street and we have a strew of different bars/venues available.

CS: Where can our readers find your music, what new projects do you have coming out, and where might you be playing next?

P: Readers can always find my music on soundcloud.com/plunkie

or by my Facebook directly which is www.facebook.com/djplunkie

I am currently working on a new EP, 2 songs fully finished and mastered, and 1 almost there, and 1 we are working on a storyboard for a music video to come in the future.
I am holding off on all bookings until the fresh year, just so I can focus on finishing up this music, but after that I plan to release this new batch of tunes and get everything lined up for a great 2016!


There you have it folks. Check out Plunkie’s music at the links he provided above and make sure to keep an eye out for his new music in 2016. We know we will. Until next time, we hope you’ve enjoyed this interview.


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