Multimedia Mapping: where are Colorado’s most popular record shops and comic book stores?

Colorado has a lot of things to offer to people who live here: skiing, hiking, a vibrant music scene, and a huge comic book scene. That’s right, Colorado not only has a thriving music scene, but is also considered one of the premier destinations for comic book enthusiasts.

Being a fan of both for some time now, I decided to see where the more popular spots were for both record stores and comic book shops. Below are two maps comparing where the 16 (or 17) most visited shops are in Colorado:

Record Stores in Colorado

Comic Book Stores in Colorado

One thing to immediately notice is that record shops appear to be spread out a bit more than the comic book shops. There are record locations as far south as Durango, as far as west as Grand Junction and as far north as Fort Collins. Comparatively, comic book shops appear to mostly be visited in Colorado Springs, and the Denver metro area.

This can lead one to either assume that music on vinyl seems to be more popular than comic books, or that people outside of larger metro areas aren’t as willing to frequent comic book shops. Those are just a few conclusions that one can draw, but you can also come to your own conclusions when exploring the maps above on your own.







One thought on “Multimedia Mapping: where are Colorado’s most popular record shops and comic book stores?

  1. Hey Daniel, this is a cool idea for a pair of maps. I appreciate that you wrote a copy block to go with the maps. That makes them far easier to understand and use. Is there a way to combine them and perhaps have a button you click on to see record stores, comic book stores or both? I think you could come up with some more fun icons for your map and play with the design a bit more. Also, the info blocks that come up are rather bare bones. I’d like to see things like store hours, phone numbers, specialties (jazz, used vinyl, etc.)

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