NaPoWriMo Poem #17: Trigger Jam

By Daniel Paiz

Today was supposed to be another video performance but due to recent news here in Colorado, that performance will be published tomorrow. It’s 2019 and yet there still seems to be no solution for this issue; so, I thought I’d address it below.

Trigger Jam

One shot, two shot, three shot, four,

this kind of thing shouldn’t be happening anymore.

Four shot, three shot, two shot, one,

American obsession with guns is a pornographic one.

No one’s pushing for the repeal of

the Second Amendment,

just making more people applying get rejected.

Let’s briefly get into why

this issue needs to be reckoned with.


Florida Man, I think your daughter came to my state,

how can an 18-year old’s mind be in such a place?

Obsession yet again and I don’t

hear a word from the NRA,

tell me again how it’s the

“good guys” who are gunowners today?

Y’all are pawns in a police state and

they’ll use you for target practice,

think that blue line will care about

another “tragic” accident?

All of these guns bought and yet tragedy

a normalized headline,

tell me again how all these weapons

lead to violence in decline.


There are different kinds of lessons

that should happen in education,

why not bring back driver’s ed

plus weapon normalization?

I would’ve been weirded out to learn

about guns in school too,

but besides exposure or banishment

what else can America do?

I see no solutions,

only thoughts and prayers to shift the focus,

to other hot button issues on cable news that’re bogus,

The rest of the world laughs as we don’t get,

the jokes on U.S.



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