NaPoWriMo Poem #29: It’s All About The Details

By Daniel Paiz

There are all kinds of topics one can cover during NaPoWriMo. You can discuss personal life, societal issues, likes and dislikes, etc.; however, there is one thing that bugs this writer just a little bit. See if you can catch onto what that issue is, and if you have the same gripes or not. It’s all meant in good fun, but don’t be surprised if a line or two occasionally stings if you are indirectly mentioned below.

It’s All About The Details

Whether you enjoy book series or comics,

movies or television shows,

there’s something you’ve hopefully picked up

engaged in, and immersed yourself in those,

little details and qualms that pull you in,

exist in everything you consume,

entertainment enthusiast.


However if you want everything explained,

then go and watch reality shows,

but if you do enjoy nuance

keep watching comic movies and a show on Thrones,

I mean it’s the same as politics, full of tricks,

but you like how they kissed hands and shook babies,

subtle details escape many eyes enough,

to drive some people crazy.


And then some people have the audacity,

to be mad someone checked them on their stuff,

unyielding and tired views on things said,

It’s not outrage culture so much as

understanding we all can find the facts fast,

if you don’t know something that’s fine,

research the topics instead of failing on the track,

you can have your beliefs and sentiments,


you’re not getting abused,

the devil is in the details,

you’re just too lazy

to see what’s right in front of you.


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