Syllable Spazz (Day 10 of NaPoWriMo 2015)

Sometimes, ya just wanna throw some words together because you have just left a writer’s block, and you want to see just how much of a lyrical surge you can create. With Day 10’s work, let’s see where that takes us!

Rightfully regicidal

difficulty never reached

no rare candies can sweeten your style to these,

selection of syllablic stabbings,

never meant to rattle masses,

until one decides to take the mic,

and medicate some spazzs,

mentally exhausted,

physically weathered,

no storm can surge the soul forward,

like a lyrical purge,

won’t be stultified

this rarefied existence won’t restart

there’s no air that can suffocate

this vented demented heart,

This obstreperous creature

features thoughts so vociferous

many listeners are at a loss,

on how to unplug his airwaves,

without massive power outage or loss,

costs too much to disengage,

since thy power is beyond a price,

can only be a combatant

if you are prepared to spar such treacherous words,

ready to rhyme till breaths are evidently

no longer left

in the sudden lapse of wheezing from

this mercurial keeper of terms


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