Cypher Flicks Presents: Daredevil Season 3 Predictions

Cypher Sessions is back with another addition of Cypher Flicks, and this installment will be focusing on one of the most popular series on Netflix earlier this year, and a series that just had a big announcement for its third season–Daredevil. And since we generally turn to our Marvel expert, this time will be no different, as Phil “PhuturePhil” Barker will take the reigns on this topic. Here’s what he has to say when it comes to Daredevil’s upcoming third season:



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The Marvel and Netflix partnership has been a dream come true for most comic book and television fans.  The pairing of New York’s gritty street level heroes and Netflix’s creator friendly atmosphere has allowed a successful and critically acclaimed corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to flourish.  The successes of Daredevil and Jessica Jones season 1 were followed up by the hotly anticipated Daredevil season 2.  Season 2 excelled at introducing fan favorite characters the Punisher and Elektra, while also expanding on threads that were only hinted at during the first season.  The Netflix corner of the MCU continues to grow with Luke Cage set to release September 30th, 2016.  Iron Fist and The Defenders team up series will both release in 2017.  A second season of Jessica Jones and a Punisher series are also on the roadmap for Marvel and Netflix.  Today at San Diego Comic Con 2016, Marvel and Netflix announced a third season of Daredevil that will fall somewhere into the post Defenders schedule.  Here are some stories, characters, and elements I hope will be adapted to season 3.


**Possible spoiler warnings for Daredevil and the MCU as a whole.  Please read at your own risk.**



bullseye marvel

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Arguably one of Daredevil’s most intense and bitter rivals was almost included in season 2.  Word of contract talks between Marvel and Jason Statham leaked, before said talks unfortunately broke down.  Bullseye seems like a safe bet for inclusion in season 3.  His twisted rivalry and battles with Daredevil could make for some of the most interesting conflicts yet in the series.  He is a vicious and chaotic force that bleeds into Matt’s costumed and personal life.  



echo marvel

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Maya Lopez is a deaf superheroine who was raised by the Kingpin after the unsolved murder of her father.  Kingpin manipulates Echo into blaming Daredevil for her father’s murder and sets her on the path of revenge against him.  While this conflict between Daredevil and Echo is brewing, she meets and begins to fall in love with Matt Murdock.  Seeing Maya’s misguided hatred for Daredevil and love for Matt Murdock play out would be an absolute treat.  Depending on where the show takes Matt’s relationships with Karen and Elektra in future seasons, adding Maya could be an interesting third party to shake things up.  From fighting on the streets of Hell’s Kitchen, to being an Avenger during the 90’s, there are plenty of potential stories to tell involving Echo.


Dakota North

dakota north marvel

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Dakota North is a private investigator with ties to many corners of the Marvel Universe.  Having worked with or for several prominent characters in the comics, her inclusion in season 3 of Daredevil could lead to big possibilities moving forward.  Her rich comic backstory includes working investigations for Nelson & Murdock, being a friend and ally to Captain Marvel (who’s movie will be out in a few years time!), and even being hired by the Black Panther to protect his former flame Monica Lynne while she was in New York.  Dakota could serve as another piece of connective tissue between series, in a similar fashion to how Rosario Dawson’s character Claire Temple has been used.   Dakota has the comics precedence and potential to make appearances in all corners of the MCU.


Born Again

Daredevil_Born_Again cover

Cover Art of Daredevil: Born Again (1987) by David Mazzucchelli


Many fans feel that the series is already working towards this storyline.  This run by Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli is considered to be one of the quintessential Daredevil stories.  I don’t want to spoil this run for you, so I would strongly suggest picking up the trade or reading it on Marvel Unlimited.  Earlier seasons have already  revealed plenty of hints toward this storyline that really brings Daredevil down to rock bottom, due in large part to the Kingpin’s schemes and unrelenting tenacity.  As devastating as this storyline is for Matt Murdock, the chance to adapt and bring it into the show’s world would be an entertaining ride for season 3.


Enjoy the Sandbox

Marvel_Cinematic_Universe_inter title card

Photo Credits- Marvel Studios/Marvel Entertainment, ABC

As mentioned in my Jessica Jones Season 2 wishlist, the Marvel Cinematic Universe offers a great way to play around with different elements and characters in unique ways.  The amount of interplay between all of these parts can be anything from easter eggs, to character cameos, and everything in between.  Case in point, the Dogs of Hell biker gang that was prominent in the early episodes of Daredevil season 2 actually made its MCU debut in season 2 of Marvel’s Agents of Shield.  The different tones of the MCU are what makes the universe special.  Quality writing can take these different tones and still capture the essence of these characters, even if it’s in a tonally different series or medium.  As long as Marvel and Netflix continue to use the benefits of a shared universe to their advantage when it suits the story, I have faith that future seasons of Daredevil and the rest of Marvel’s TV offerings will continue to deliver.


The Return of Elektra

elektra dd s2 promo image

Photo Credit- Marvel/Netflix

Elektra, played by the talented Elodie Yung, was a highlight of Daredevil season 2 for me.  Her death at the end of the season had Nobu taking the place of Bullseye, killing her with her own sai in the same way as she was iconically killed in the comics.  The plans to use her in the future have been set, as it looks like the Hand will resurrect her because she is the Black Sky.  I have a strong feeling we might see her storyline pick up during The Defenders mini-series.  A resurrected Elektra leading the Hand against those heroes who call New York home would be a great battle to see.

Phil ‘PhuturePhil’ Barker is a guest contributor.  You can find him on Twitter @PhuturePhil




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