The RAP Lab at CU Boulder

The following is a one minute documentary, where you are briefly introduced to “The RAP Lab”, otherwise known as the Race and Popular Culture Lab that presently lives in Cristol Chemistry, right next door to the University Memorial Center on the CU Boulder campus.

This is the first of two videos on the lab, with a second video that will be posted next week, and that video will also focus on the founder of the RAP Lab, Professor Adam Bradley. For now, enjoy this introduction to the lab, and some of the people behind it:


Transcription of the video:

Opening Credit: The Rap Lab

Adam Bradley:

I founded the RAP Lab in 2013 and it was a desire to bring together certain elements of my own interests and the interests of a lot of other people I know on campus, to do it thru considerations of popular culture.

Music, film-all forms of popular media that more and more are places where we most comfortably and most powerfully talk about race.

Alexander Corey:

RAP Lab was actually not a thing yet.

I started over the summer working with Professor Bradley on a project that he was doing, that’s now being published now- “The Poetry of Pop” volume that he’s working on, that’s coming out on Yale University Press soon.

I’ve been the manager of the Lab for Race and Popular Culture since I think 2013, the beginning of that school year.

So I got to be part of the team that started putting this together.

End credits

Produced by: Daniel Paiz

Interviewees: Adam Bradley, Director of the RAP Lab, Alexander Corey, RAP Lab Manager

Music: “Fight the Feeling” by Sean Boog, featuring Tyler Woods, Halo, and Rapsody



One thought on “The RAP Lab at CU Boulder

  1. Love that you did something on Adam. He’s definitely one of our gems. We discussed the focus issue on your interview with him in class. Otherwise, I think you composed a very good interview of him, and the other interview is composed pretty well, too (and in better focus). I think the interview with Corey needs to have a point. Perhaps after he explains how he got to be involved founding it to where it’s headed or how being part of founding the lab affected him. Your audio is a bit uneven. Corey’s sounds very good, to some degree because you’re recording him in a sound studio designed to limit reverb and other audio problems. Bradley’s has a bit of reverb and echo and sounds just a bit muffled. It’s understandable and painless to listen to, but could be clearer and crisper.

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