Critique of journalistic infographic On Hit Lists


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A critique of a very unsettling infographic

This infographic was one of the first infographics to stand out to me due to what data it shared. I knew that it was still somewhat dangerous to be a journalist in certain parts of the world, but didn’t realize that so many cases go unsolved.

One thing that this graphic does effectively is show the viewer that, while it may seem really dangerous for journalists abroad, it’s actually ridiculously dangerous for local press.

Foreign press is only killed a small fraction of the time compared to local press, which makes this viewer think that a number of countries across the world do not insure rights anywhere near the type of press rights that we have here in the United States.

One part of the visual that is kind of confusing is the bottom right center of the graphic, where it is informing the viewer that nine out of 10 cases are still unresolved; lacking the word of, and also not having enough separation between the nine and the 10 makes it awkward to view.

The visual to the left of this small graphic, the “impunity” section, looks aesthetically pleasing but also seems like an odd way to display how each region has unsolved cases. Perhaps another map in various colors displaying the same info might be more effective.

Lastly, what would also be helpful would be showing data for 2014 and 2015. It is unlikely data would be fully collected for 2016, but it would be helpful to see how the trend has shifted since 2013. Perhaps that leads one to make sure to update their work as time passes, in order to make one’s work useful beyond the time period when one creates said graphic.




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