Humbling (Day 18 of NaPoWriMo 2017)

Sometimes, you get humbled for feeling yourself a little bit too much. However, it can also be beneficial to humble others who, like we all do, have inflated their ego a little bit too much. This is one way to do so:


Not one to burst bubbles,

but you’re floating too high,

can’t even blame it on the cannabis, nice try,


take a second in the mirror,

stop adjusting your face like a dial,

before a ringtone cuts off to your demise,

confidence is important to possess,

but that line is crossed too much,

I guess,


level-headedness disappears when success appears,

Putting on shades to block out the truth, not haters,

But, hey,

what do I know?

Checking myself,

humbling experiences always present themselves,


but hey,

why would you wanna do that,



gotta lavish praise on oneself, yeah


gotta boost your stock for future options,


gotta forget those before you who paved the way,



I’m clearly feeling myself too much!

Protection from criticism is a crutch…

Working to build upon your issues means no love,

Perhaps it’s time to be honest with yourself….




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