The Death of a Dream (Guest poet for Day 17 of NaPoWriMo 2017)

Every once in a while, we are fortunate to have a guest poet feature one of their pieces here for NaPoWriMo. That’s always a plus, because my style of rhymes and poetry is certainly outside the norm of conventional poetry. The following piece is from a real poet, and it’s a piece that really spoke to our editor. So without any further delay, we present to you Rachel B. Baxter’s “The Death of a Dream”:

The Death of a Dream

I’m going through the motions
With an empty heart.
Dream, is that you in there,
Crumbling apart?

In the spinning of the clock,
In the days passing by,
Is that where you’ve gone, Dream,
To lie down and die?

Was it distraction, busyness,
Or the want of a routine
That ultimately caused
Your demise, my little Dream?

Or was it ambivalence,
Insecurity, and fear
That finally tore you apart
And made you disappear?

And now that you’ve diminished
Faded away to black,
Tell me, Dream, what can I do
To get you and all your pieces back?

Rachel is the creator of Poetry in Form, a website dedicated to poetry in numerous forms, and the pieces we’ve checked out there are definitely worth a read! For more info, click the link above. Hopefully we can have more contributions like this one in the future! Many thanks to Rachel for sharing her work with us.


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