Reverberating Vibranium: A Denver Comic Con Panel

Denver Comic Con finished up a couple of weeks ago, which makes this post about Reverberating Vibranium a bit late.

However, after a full week of freelance journalism and work last week this panel is ready to be listened to (and watched) by the masses.

The Panel

This panel was a one-man band kind of set-up, as I presented by myself at Denver Comic Con. It was called Reverberating Vibranium; for roughly about 20 minutes topics included Race, Gender, Representation, and more. Sprinkle in some video footage from a couple of different movies and you have a panel for about 20 or so attendees in the room.

The second half of the panel was a bit more interesting. Attendees asked a variety of different questions relating to Black Panther and representation; it was much more of an open dialogue than I was expecting (which was great).

Positives of the panel

It was amazing to talk about my favorite comic book character at the THIRD largest comic con in the United States. To do so in hometown just minutes from where I grew up and about a month after I graduated?

Unreal. So fun.

There are not enough adjectives to describe the enjoyment that came from tackling this kind of presentation.

Lessons from the panel

It is VERY hard to lead a panel all by yourself. For future reference it would be smart to team up with someone about a topic so that there is less pressure for all involved, and less worry for myself.

The day prior to my presentation I was pretty much a ball of nerves, despite really enjoying the con as a fan. I would like to do the same again next year, albeit not on a panel of one.

And now, our feature presentation…

There are two ways in which you can hear my Denver Comic Con panel on Black Panther.

The first is listening to the audio only version, available on my SoundCloud right here:


If you would prefer to watch the presentation, that’s also an option. However, the Q&A is not included in the video portion only when the Q&A section is happening, you only get to look at me and that is not very exciting to watch.

Here is the video portion of the Denver Comic Con panel:


Hopefully the above plays, if not let us know because it is on MySpace and it took forever just to upload this video.

Enjoy and please give feedback!



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