World Premiere: Denver Bomb Cyclone 2019, The Movie

By Daniel Paiz

There are few events that define a generation. Some might point towards the floods of 2013, others reflect on particular wars, or terror attacks. For those alive in 2019 and with the good fortune to stay inside from the elements, the Denver Bomb Cyclone that roared through our fair city might be a storm no one forgets.

I braved my way out into the elements to capture never before seen footage of what the storm looked like on March 13th. Brace yourself, it gets very cold, and very windy. This footage might contain weather you aren’t prepared to see, but it does contain shots you haven’t witnessed in some time.

If you’ve been looking for something to remind you just how utterly cold it was, then look no further. You have found…Denver Bomb Cyclone 2019, The Movie.

And now, our feature presentation…

Below is the film you have all been waiting for. Again, make sure you are bundled up for the film you are about to watch. Side note, director’s commentary will be out next week:

Again, you have watched quite possibly the best film on the Bomb Cyclone in 2019. Director Commentary to follow next week.


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