Upcoming Music to Watch For, Now until the End of Summer

By Daniel Paiz

2019 has been an interesting year of music so far, and it has included plenty of music that we’re still trying to sift through while new stuff comes out. However, there is some upcoming music to watch for, from now until the end of summer.

It might seem difficult to compile it all in one place, but I’ll try and give you a starter’s guide to what music you should prioritize when you start digitally digging in the crates.

What’s out now

There’s a few projects you can listen to right now that require no waiting on your part. That’s the good news. The bad news? You’ll have to figure out which project to start with. Let’s start out locally with a crew that continuously earns their stripes:

lyrical landlordz the rap agreements

Lyrical Landlordz-The R.A.P Agreements

The Mile High City of Denver, Colorado has long been home to that boom bap, classic Hip-Hop sound and the Lyrical Landlordz are some of the best at serving classics in new ways. Tracks like “Rent’s Due” and “What’cha Goin’ Do!!!???” highlight how MCs Dent and Sonny Nuke deliver raw rhymes that break through the monotony of what’s getting radio play these days. Add in DJ Paulen and this group will give you something to jam for days on end. Check it out here to see what I’m talking about.


blackbeans exile choosey

Choosey & Exile-Black Beans

Luckily for you and I and everyone else waiting for that summer sound to arrive, Choosey and Exile might just be the first to deliver. Exile flawlessly crafts headnodic beats, laying the groundwork for Choosey to guide us through the tape. Black and Brown unity is something that needs to be appreciated and recognized more, and Choosey is the MC to deliver that message. Check this project out here to hear my favorite tracks, “Low Low” featuring Aloe Blacc, and “I Did” (amongst a few others).


phonte pacific time ep

Phonte-Pacific Time 

Phonte is most likely your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper (especially if their name’s Drake). His everyman storytelling combined with his soulful and picture-painting sound makes damn near everything you listen to require usage of the repeat button. On this surprise EP consisting of four tracks, Phonte delivers some sonic gold via his +FE music label. “Heard This One Before” is my favorite, but make your decision below:


phuturephil dead bolt ep

Phuture Phil-Dead Bolt 

While it’s rare to discuss new music that isn’t Hip-Hop, this house music from the Phuture requires some notice. The Houston-based DJ and producer has been working for a number of years on his craft and has had a number of releases. This one feels like that next step for Phuture Phil. Check it out here to see if you hear what I do.

What’s coming out soon

If you read our first article of 2019, then you know we’ve been waiting on a few projects for at least a couple of months. A few of those acts have given us dates to look forward to, while others have given us nothing! Fortunately what’s included below is likely coming out very soon.

anderson paak ventura

Anderson .Paak-Ventura

Anderson .Paak is one of those artists who puts out attention-grabbing music every time. April 12th can’t come soon enough, as Ventura will undoubtedly give us all something to always have in rotation this summer and throughout the remainder of 2019. The funk, the sound, the message—it all just comes together so well. “King James” might just prove that point better than anything else I can say at this moment:


lizzo new album

Lizzo-Cuz I Love You

Lizzo is definitely more of a singer than a rapper, but she has that nice balance of both throughout her catalog. If you’re fairly new to her like I am, then you have the opportunity to join the bandwagon with her new project coming out April 19th. Her tour is selling out quickly, and hearing her sassy lyrics mixed with groovy beats? It’s no wonder Lizzo is becoming so popular. Also, if you need that OG co-sign, the legendary Missy Elliott approves:


Run The Jewels-RTJ 4

THIS. This is one of those projects that I’ve been waiting for since I first finished listening to RTJ 3. Not because RTJ 3 wasn’t flames like its two predecessors, but because Run The Jewels concocts a sonic landscape you want more of. Jaime and Mike have found massive success after years of working hard and not receiving the recognition they deserve. This project could be what honestly solidifies this duo as one to officially call a classic duo down the road. Late summertime is the rumored time table, but it could be next week with how these two like to surprise release projects.

Los Mocochetes

Los Mocochetes-TBA

Another rare moment where we aren’t talking about a Hip-Hop act, but this is another example of a group you need to listen to. Los Mocochetes are a Xican@ funk band from Denver, Colorado that pull in a number of different genres while simultaneously encouraging you to move. The sounds, the lyrics, the fun that these guys deliver are something you’ll want to experience immediately. They’re possibly going to have their first project out by the end of this summer, but things might change. For now, check out their first single, “Que Viva Revolución”:


Hopefully this starter pack will have you jamming for a little while; again, you have to go and do some digging yourself. Enjoy what’s above, and make sure to support whoever you enjoy in any way possible.



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