Cypher Sessions Presents: QuickSix Series, #2

Hello wonderful readers of the internet, this is the newest article for Cypher Sessions, and the first of March. After some prolonged technical difficulties have finally been resolved, we are proud to bring to you the second installment of our new Quick Six series, which is focused on interviewing and speaking with artists who often are outside of the realm of Hip Hop, but are still part of the musical or creative community. In this second installment, we will be speaking with Miami’s own ItsNotAdam, a Progressive House/Trance producer who has a fairly large discography, ranging from singles and free downloads to mixes and EP’s. Without any further delay, let’s get to know Adam in our Quick Six series: itsnotadam

Sebastian Ingrosso & Tommy Trash – Reload (ItsNotAdam Remix)

1. When was that moment you decided that you were going to get serious about producing music, and who was it that inspired you to think about producing in the first place?

When I was 18 or so, I went through my first (yea, first) break up; so, I found myself with a lot of free time (the perks if being single I guess). My friend and I decided to create a Synthcore (like Post Hardcore, but synth based) band called “Straight Men Don’t Smile”- it was an inside joke. It was only the 2 of us-no real studio, band member, or musical knowledge. We got FL Studio and used it to program drums as he fiddled with his guitar, and I wrote out synth melodies that sounded “good” to me. Eventually we took it upon ourselves to learn music theory, and started writing more complex melodies and actual chord progressions.Then I joined a real band and kept our old band as a side project. I eventually left this band due to musical differences.

One day I listened to “Strobe” by Deadmau5, and I fell in love with it. The fact that you could create music with emotions and no lyrics, by yourself. So that’s when I started to learn how to produce house music.  It’s safe to say that Deadmau5 was the one who influenced me to start producing.

2.Where do you see your music going and what direction do you really want to push it towards?

Lately my releases have been a bit more “commercial” sounding, while trying to keep the same raw emotions my old tracks had. I know that sounds like a conundrum, but I love melodies and harmonies. I want people to feel my music, as well as dance to it.

3.What is dance music today, and where do you see it going in 2014?

It’s a cluster fuck. I feel like most people are in the scene for the wrong reasons. I remember when a good Progressive house track used to be 7-8 minutes long, now they are 4 minutes, or just what they call “festival bangers”.Basically, you make a decent buildup, with a “dirty” drop, and get signed to a major EDM label and play Ultra within a year. That seems to be every producer’s goal nowadays…

Hopefully that changes in 2014, I’m really hoping trance comes back.

4. Has dance music reached a place where there’s going to be another shift in the styles we see, and how popular it is as a whole?

Definitely, there has been like 5 new different styles in the last year alone. All of these new styles and genres are coming out every 3 months, but not lasting long enough.Dance music is insanely popular. Corporate loves it because they only have to get one producer to work on a track, which can be done in a week. No need for bands, musicians, etc. You hear it in every commercial and there are like 5 major dance festivals that I can think of off the top of my head.

5.What outside of music inspires you to craft stories in music, and is it difficult to get inspired?

Life. My second breakup inspired me to write my previous EP “Stages”, which is based on the 5 Stages of grief.Most of my tracks come from somewhere, whether it’s me thinking about a past love, or me feeling stressed over a specific situation, etc. Lately I’ve found it harder to get inspired; I used to try to make my tracks feel like a story, but lately I’ve settled for a catchy melody. So I’ll sit in front of my MacBook for an hour, on my keyboard, playing out notes until I get something.

This Will Destroy You (Original Mix) (Extended Preview) *Out 3/10 On Skygaze Records*

6. What is it that you want the whole world to know about ItsNotAdam, and do you have some projects coming out that you want to share with our readers? 

Expect me in a city near you. I have a vocal EP in the works, in which Saam Roberts, Diia, and Micky Darin were all part of. Hopefully it’ll be out soon. Just waiting for the right moment.

There you have it folks, that’s going to do it for our second installment of the Quick Six Series. You can follow ItsNotAdam on Twitter (@ItsNotAdam) and head over to his soundcloud for more music-we wish him the best in all his endeavors. Until next time (which won’t be that far from now), we hoped you enjoyed this installment of Cypher Sessions, and look forward to having more content for you soon. Peace



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