Day 17 (Day 17 of NaPoWriMo 2015)

Sometimes, you just have to write just because. It might not be the best or most creative thing you’ve ever written, but you write because it’s what you need to do. So, here we go:

Ridiculous conspicuous tidbits

needed to determine how this misfit

breathes each day

taking a minute to engage

rhymes bring engagement

strange choices in music

show you it’s ruthless

real decisions on vinyl

licensed to sample captured space

by which I determine the detriment of letting others dictate

placate all those feelings

burrow like an unfed eel

sting em quicker than glitter bombs

on a march for igual sex appeal

these images are carnal

never seriously accepted

adept at ineptitude

because discussions will not facilitate

acceptance of essence

my presence is dismissed

when I do anything more poetic

than scribble pads with pen juice blood thick

diatribe the wise guys

then recant raw emotion

no altitude will permit for

the washing away of ills to the ocean

ironic the large bodies bring just those

glowing and emitting more than salty winds

But enough for today

I have plenty to say

I’ll harangue the madness out of you

if it’s my last dying wish

why so serious again

can’t you rescind the pin

due to the silence of the verbal violence

you might be experiencing

discretion is lesson

yet it’s on the verge of

profession of self to


opposites so quick

explosions in tiny blips

are essentially what I’ll quip

the quick and the wise

will slow down when learning info

from the ignorant living in bliss


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