The Day Before….(Day 19 of NaPoWriMo 2015)

April is flying by pretty fast, as we are nearing the two-thirds mark already! Make sure to check all over the internet for anything tagged NaPoWriMo 2015, and also look at our previous posts this month to see everything we have penned this far. As always, it is not too late to create some of your own art, just start writing! Often times that is exactly what we do. That is about to happen right about…now:


and crunching

and cinching papers tight

the day before festivities run amok

there’s a hazy smell thru the night

That’s the

reclamation and


that is supposed

to begin a new movement supposedly to overthrow

But it’s not that

it’s just relaxed and

innocent passing days with people old and new

there’s more burning of papers

on Cap Hill

more than anyone ever knew

While we demand more

a huge score of

narcotics go to those fighting certain laws

Drugs are just the gateway crime

the green print for how to

keep the populace feeble and in line

I have no issue for what you choose to do with your life

But ask yourself,

Can you combat the tide of tyranny approaching

by both rebelling AND avoiding a cell tonight?

The odds are stacked against many of us,

regardless of the height of our minds, just

trying to look out for you during these crazy times.


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