Record Store Day Tribute! (Day 18 of NaPoWriMo 2015)

If you haven’t checked out our featured poet from earlier today, you are missing out, go check it out before reading this one! We’ll wait….okay. Did you go read it? Good. This poem from us today is in celebration of Record Store Day, a day when vinyl is nationally celebrated, and these stores, these keepers of music get a little bit more attention that is certainly merited. We checked out our local record store and copped a few tapes we didn’t even know we were missing. Let the tribute, begin!


around and around and around

the sound is so rich

10, 33 or 45 inch

provides sound to expound how

one’s feeling

reeling to realize the magic

one has missed out on it’s tragic

the sound on vinyl is better than any

anything that exists.

The quality,

the richness,

the moments forever captured in time.

The wax,

the ones and twos

aiding creations so divine

An even more selective way

to share and discuss music at it’s best

you can have your digital music but,

the feeling is incomparable to

the physical record one can cherish

on a turntable set.


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