Three Years (Day 20 of NaPoWriMo 2015, & Three-Year Anniversary)

20 days into NaPoWriMo this April, and we are still going strong. However, this is not just the 20th day of NaPoWriMo, it is our third anniversary. Three years of Cypher Sessions and we are still going strong. There have been times where the writing drought was too real, and there have been times like this month where it is simply a monsoon of words, rhymes, images, and flow. Regardless of whatever may come up in life, our goal is to keep expressing ourselves as well as helping others to start or continue sharing their work as well. That is why we started three years ago on this date, and that is why we shall be an institution of sorts for many more. Enjoy another piece for this month of poetry, and we hope to continue reaching at least one person a post:


It’s something that is tough to have,

even harder to learn, and

nearly unfathomable to hold onto.

But there will always be a part of you

that holds this trait.

A part of you that

truly understands, and comprehends

what it is

to face that nemesis.

The one that creeps into those thoughts where

you may be completely ready for whatever is next,

but then it rears its unwelcome self.


It doesn’t matter how hard you try

to push such thoughts aside

regardless of where they reside

and where you may hide

it can a force darker than what’s depicted,


is your narrative when

you cherish the

gifts, abilities, and understanding of self

That comes from time with this persistent witness.


Is what you have to have with yourself

to contemplate yourself

dissect yourself

and sew yourself back together.

Through any weather

is what the next step must be.

Whether it’s 10 or 110 degrees

You face the brute temperature head on,

you measure the next step to build your rep,

by demolishing faulty and archaic

personal and previous concepts.

You are a masterpiece,

of which over time you will shine,

you will fall,

and you will navigate the brightness and clarity

brought upon by a long delayed gaze,

of epiphany.

This is what is constructed within me

This is what has been bestowed upon myself,

the hand has been dealt.

How you react to the challenge determines your life

on the shelf.


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