Control No More… (Day 22 of NaPoWriMo 2015)

22 days strong and counting. Check back for our previous three weeks of work, and of course feel free to comment in the comments section below. Let’s delve right into it:

Another day another headline

well that was fast, more deaths,

skip to Peanuts, Garfield to escape the seriousness

or is it really that we’re just desensitized

another person dead by authority catches none by surprise

my biggest thing is

we forget it quicker than effects of liquor

blood should be thicker but

the notoriety of the deceased is fixed to

not be etched in our minds

so that we just forget the time

when it wasn’t normal to die for nothing

and what it was like to hold accountable

uniforms performing said crimes

A distractor that enamors so many

following each case

is the struggle for those in poverty

amongst fighting each other day to day

black on black, brown on brown on brown, white on white

none justify police injustice tonight

it’s like

if how she was dressed supposedly excuses violence

against the woman under attack

or being homeless means you can run off those sleeping

under a bridge with just a jacket and knapsack

but those with such beliefs won’t detract

their warped justifications for how to handle all of that

it’s a wrap

no really there are more bodies to bury today

Only crematoriums and mortuaries

are booming more than liquor stores, strip clubs, and race tracks

no inside lane to escape this inevitable end

I’ll instead ruminate on another ending

with this pad and pen


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