NaPoWriMo Day 11: Venting

As we move into day 11 of NaPoWriMo 2016, sometimes just venting and letting go of frustrations and things that are holding you back is the best way to go. So with that being said:


Whatever it is that is in front of you,

sometimes it isn’t a simple hurdle to,

run and jump past, forget the moment you step

beyond barriers that are constructed for a reason,

to alter traffic, direction, and building of infrastructure through all seasons.

What is in front of you isn’t always what’s at your six,

Sometimes it’s important for the present moment

to be cognizant.

But lanes are made to be switched fast,

despite whatever laws are erected,

because they are only learned of,

so when they’re ignored the violator doesn’t get detected.

SO reckless,

are those speeding on hectic,

emptying their tanks because

they think it will get to where they wanted, yet

navigation led them astray,

since directions were too hard to learn one day,

It’s entertaining to see all of the purposefully lost drivers,

unable to admit that they were mistaken today.

Acceptance of fault isn’t easy,

but neither is refilling the tank,

especially when you didn’t need to waste at such lengths.


Until Day 12, have a good night.


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