Reflective Steps: NaPoWriMo 2016 Day 10

One Third of the way done. That’s where things stand with regards to NaPoWriMo 2016, as Day 10 has already come and gone like the blink of an eye. Make sure to check out the previous nine pieces that have already been published, and if you are starting to get comfortable or interested in writing some poetry, a haiku, or a rhyme, then do so below in the comments, or email it to us! Below is our tenth attempt for this month, entitled Reflective Steps:

Remember those first steps upon a campus so big,

couldn’t fathom the impact of concrete and bricks,

well not literally but sometimes figuratively my head against such items,

making sure lines and answers in my head?

That I could recite them,

remembering every which way a train of thought could progress,

process so I could show over time I adequately got that,

no prep could prepare for life outside classes,

no trainings could prepare you for life without worrying about registering with masses,

No way could you have known that,

the end of the classroom is the absolute first step into real life.

So many will question, theorize, debate, and argue that,

“I’ve lived life, and I know what the outside is like!”

Yeah I thought that too.

Especially coming up miles from here, only a few,

How expansive and deregulated could life really be?

I promise thee,


Think about what terrified you about going to college

and amplify that with the knowledge


wherever you go, it’s a new show, new cast, and no director’s liner notes

in case you forget and need courage or solace.

Reflect on the steps that got you here.

This morning.

This week.

This year.

You’ve taken similar steps before.

Now go do it again, and know that nerves despite

the unpopular opinion floating around,

are your friend and will likely bring out

your best performance.


That’s going to do it for now, check back tomorrow for Day 11. Thanks for reading, and peace!



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