Writer’s Block: Day 12, NaPoWriMo 2016

On the 12th day of NaPoWriMo 2016, this blog gave to all of you…some rhymes ’cause we are sadly hitting writer’s block at the worst possible time and didn’t know what else to do! This should be interesting though, writing when writer’s block is prevalent is always a challenge one must face at sometime or another, so let’s see what comes out:

Imagine running into a wall

enthralled by something so distracting that you

don’t remember what it is,

and then for hours turning into days even into weeks

you can’t for the life of you recall what astonished,

encapsulated your mind and snatched all of your focus,

the locus of thoughts normally buzzing louder than ever

sounds dull like headphones dropped too many times during bad weather,

A feather used to be how you quilled your ideas,

and not in decorative patterns for random forays,

but actually inked the parchment to leave everlasting marks upon that day,

declarations and notices that many anticipated in a bygone age,

displayed one’s attention for such slow methods of delivery,

being called an ass then could have been taken multiple ways,

Yesteryear however brings fear from an age better

suited for horror films and torture museums,

because of the laws and policies mucked upon pamphlets

never read regardless the type of weather.

So all of the nostalgia that often times seems to be a focus of many today,

if you really look back far enough,

had you been alive enough time ago,

needless to say, they wouldn’t have been such good ol’ days.


Hopefully you enjoyed our abstract journey, and until day 13, go write some poetry!


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