The reason why NFL players are kneeling

The following footage was done with a cell phone and contains coverage that is difficult to watch and has sparked controversy over the actions taken by the police officers in this video. Viewer discretion is advised.

Alton Sterling shooting


You can tell the video footage shown above is shot with a cell phone because of the movements made by the person shooting the video, as well as the scene in which the person shooting the video is placed in. This person is a passenger in a car, and articles written about this event have confirmed that the footage taken did come from a cell phone.


It is an effective method of documenting what happened, because it allows for the person who observed the event to share what happened quickly, and most likely also allows for there to be little possibility of video editing of what happened in the above video. It is also effective because it gives a first-hand account of what happened from the perspective of someone who witnessed the event.


The aesthetics of the video were a bit difficult to watch in terms of the movement that the person shooting the video makes, as well as the focus isn’t necessarily the best in terms of showing exactly what happens. Without the commentary by those in the car, it might not be as obvious that a police shooting of an unarmed civilian had taken place. However, the video recorded does its job of documenting what unfolded.


The video functions utilized in covering what happened were simple but effective. The presentation of the video recorded was also appropriate for the purpose of capturing what happened on film, which again made it easily shareable online.


One thought on “The reason why NFL players are kneeling

  1. Great post. I have to admit that as a mom of an little boy from Ethiopia, this video was hard to watch but so desperately needed. Every morning I just pray that he will not be mistaken for someone else, and something like this could happen. Your analysis was spot on – that the shaky video is hard to watch, but to be honest, I could not watch anything – I just listened. I think a photo of Alton Sterling with the audio only would have been just as powerful. Do you? I wonder if the video itself distracts from the audio. But, this is nothing against your post or analysis. I wonder if police and the community could come together if they see Alton as a person, not a victim.

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