A Rivalry Renewed

For the second posting in The Creator’s Corner, below is a photograph taken of the event I selected to document. Something to bear in mind for this photo is that along with completing this assignment, I was also working my part-time job with the Denver Broncos, so I thought I would take advantage of my position in the stadium (WAY up in the fifth level) to get a shot that I would normally be unable to acquire.

I arrived to Sports Authority Field at Mile High around 3:30 p.m. for work. This photo was taken roughly around 10 p.m. after the conclusion of the game, and after a majority of fans in my section had left their seats. This photo was then posted today, Friday September 9th, around 1:20 p.m. and the delay was caused by my phone dying on the Light Rail ride back to Union Station, and because of the extreme amount of exhaustion that I had after working such a busy game with very excited fans.

Below is the photo taken, with a complete caption:


The quiet yet joyous calm after a storm of emotion. This photo is taken after the thrilling conclusion of the Denver Broncos defeating the Carolina Panthers 21-20 in Denver, Colorado. This nationally televised game opened up NFL Kickoff weekend, and also officially started the 2016 NFL season. Over 76,000 fans attended this game, where big plays, controversial actions, and roaring fans made this match-up live up to the hype that had been building up for months.


3 thoughts on “A Rivalry Renewed

  1. I like how the stands are empty. There are a number of sports reporters who get the athletes, but the feeling of the stadium is different. Do you think taking a picture before the game would have been impactful? Maybe the emotion and anxiety – what will we do without Peyton Manning? Super Bowl Part 2? Or the picture of someone holding their breathe while the chaos of the last timeout played out? I like where you are going with this – I also did a photo of the fans and the experience to show how sports impact our life – so I love the idea. Only recommendation with the next shot would have been to get closer to the field and take a photo from the goal posts. It may be interesting to see the field from a level most people don’t get to experience.

    1. All of those things I would have loved to have done, and I actually take a photo before walking my section before gates open every game; but, since I was on the clock I really couldn’t snap any of those photos. Working there also kind of keeps me stationed in my section up on level 5, which is why I wasn’t able to get any closer–well, that and I was exhausted after working that game. Granted you wouldn’t have known any of that beforehand, so just thought I’d give you insight as to how come I was kind of limited with the photo opportunities I had.

  2. I agree with Christina’s comments. The empty, or emptying, stands are a bit interesting, that’s how they usually are. What we need is a photo with some human drama in it. A tight photo of a fan reacting to the action of the game or something like that. Part of your challenge is trying to create a documentary photo while doing your day job, which really seems to have limited your opportunities in this case.

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