Soundscape Scavenger Hunt Ahead!

Hindenburg required a little bit of finagling with, but at the end of 90 minutes Chad Franzen and Daniel Paiz had edited a soundscape consisting of quite an ensemble of sounds.

Those sounds included footsteps, something wooden, a bird chirping (an animal), a bell ringing, laughter, paper, cleaning, play (basketball), singing (music in the background), a workout, people cursing in multiple languages, water, preparing food, work/something being built, and whispering. These sounds only roughly consisted of half of all the sounds that were captured.

Sounds recorded but not included in the following soundscape include respiration, something fast, snap-crackle-and-pop, screams, something being taken apart, transportation, something ominous, something beginning, something ending, something seasonal, a surprise, something electronic, a crowd, isolation, and a time keeper. Enjoy the soundscape below:

A Scavenged Soundscape


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