NaPoWriMo 2017! Poem 1

Somehow time just seems to fly by, and here we are again at what we believe is our THIRD go-round for National Poetry Writing Month tour? If you would like to check out the past two Aprils, go to our archives located on the right on the main home page.

Basically, NaPoWriMo is taking a challenge to write 30 poems in 30 days. We’ll be starting with poem 1 very soon. If you want to take the challenge, please do! Also, email us or write in the comments if you’re interested in getting your work on the site for this month! We have a few featured poets already, but can always make room for the eager.

So, below is the start of poem 1. See if you can guess what inspired this piece (note: it’s usually music that we are missing to, especially stuff that we hope keeps us grounded).


Poem 1

I’m from Colorado

Where the weather tends to follow,

Its own undetermined path,

Leading outta towners to crash,


Stash away that nonsense

I’m steady tryin’ to process,

Whether droppin’ classes for cash

Or earning degrees to outlast,


Rope a dope your punches,

Have you tire yourself out,

Then counter to your collective

Apathetic action to not get out,


Flicks are like jokes,

Reflecting what most of us know,

If entertainment’s your first epiphany?

Forget your soliloquy


Reflected today

is some nonsense,

No longer are emcees

simply woke or unconscious,

Check the mirror again,

For how you contribute to

The new epithet…




What are your reactions to Poem 1? Do you have pieces you would like to share? Share your comments below.


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