Redemption (Day 2 of NaPoWriMo 2017)

One year ago,

a group of people from North Carolina had joy

snatched away from their minds,

only to have it replaced with heartbreak and misery.

This might be over-exaggerated for the

outcome of a basketball game.

But it’s the little things that can lead to redemption.

A bounce pass can be a hello that changes another’s day.

A made free throw can help

discussion amongst coworkers free flow.

Squeaking sneakers that stomp across shiny platforms of wood

can tell you more about someone else

than any forced conversation or group building activity can.

Ball is life not because

it’s the only thing that matters,

but because it is something to wrestle out

emotions that cannot be wrangled in everyday occurrences.

Distract someone who is struggling with

something they genuinely enjoy,

and that struggle doesn’t seem so grand anymore.

Watch a team that had all their hard work for naught gain redemption?

And it’s a reminder that,

despite struggles, despite missed opportunities,

despite unexpected events that knock plans off-track…

figuring out how to deal with and


such obstacles….

will lead you to redemption too.


Congrats to Tar Heels everywhere that were on said path,

and congrats to everyone who finds redemption after defeat.



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