Word Spazzin’ (Day 15 of NaPoWriMo 2017)

Sometimes, you just have to spazz out with some words. This happens to be just one of those occasions:

Word Spazzin’

I could do the regular,

spazz on who’s right now,

but guess what I don’t think they’ll last somehow,

everybody claiming they know the secrets of a tape,

unless your Kendrick, Cole, or anyone else,

sit down straightaway,

Picture this,

filling out your own script,

moving images to dreams that felt so lucid,

creeping out,

doubts and destruction from all around,

never permit outer input disrupt how you sound,

clowns bow down, so don’t jest too much,

but kings always will die,

never wanted to be a farm animal on the top of a hill,

but defying expectations suits me fine,

never going to kill,

simply will make foes just spazz,

rattle and shatter their domes till they go mad,

Defeated thy enemy of self first,

so who can destruct me now?

As long as I contain and pacify the ego, anyhow,

doors left open,

plans to lay,

thinking you can keep up with me? No way,

Write for decades,

then come back,

then we’ll see face to face,

who can really word spazz


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