NaPoWriMo poem #12: Freewrite!

Free writing is kind of like freestyling, but just on the page instead. The following is exactly that and was inspired when watching an episode of the new Netflix show, The Rapture.

The first line was inspired by the episode being watched; if you can figure out which episode the line is referencing, you might win a prize:


My next fix like Netflix,

Too comfortable with stressin’,

Had to take a break for a moment,

Cuz for decades I’ve been restless,


Self-imposed questions my lesson,

Self-doubt for too damn long,

Stronger than I know,

No rise because I’ve only known fall,


Seasons without reason,

Colorado-esque in my veins,

Snow not blowing my high,

Altitude my only strain,


Sappy or crunchy,

Grungy with no money,

Stunning from the Rockies,

Nolan before the baserunning



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