NaPoWriMo poem #18: I’m Learning

Figuring out how to present things can often be a challenge, one that requires constant repetition and analysis of self.

This thought process and introspection of one’s work inspired today’s piece, which has been simply titled.


I’m learning,

that to become a master one must first become a student,

I’m learning,

that knowledge can be stifling but you have to keep moving,


I’m learning,

that introspective moments can be the best,

and perception of self determines effort,

and how you decide what to do next,


I’m learning,

that if it isn’t hard work it likely isn’t what you should be doing,

I’m learning,

that ideas are thoughts from the soul to be brewing,


I’m learning,

that if I don’t follow my ambitions and dreams today,

I’ll become an automatized robot with no deeper reason,

rusted next season and incarcerated  without dismay,

I’m learning.


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