NaPoWriMo poem #23: Star Views

22 consecutive days of posting material is pretty good, but everyone has a day they miss due to other commitments.

Luckily for you all, there will be plenty of content to end the month of April, starting with this piece right here.

Star Views

Egotistical to think about your fame

when those dots up there show we’re all the same,

what’s the point of getting hype over crumbs

or bummed out over treasure troves,


When those materials don’t mean what you want,

Truant from your life when chasing success,

blessed you could be regardless of context,

relevance you define so why stress,


Time dictates how you’ll be remembered

by those who accepted your kind,

your grind, your pain, your struggle, your play,

effort to action with soul growth is the best,


But what do I know at 27 still taking lessons,

My 21-year old self was stuntin’ but had me guessin’,

sparkling at night when only quiet exudes,

perspective is everything when you decide to make moves.


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