NaPoWriMo poem #24: Forty Four

Today is a special day for the person writing this. Six years ago, I introduced the sitting president of the United States at the time.

Obama clearly had his issues when it came to permitting policy to continue that he could have changed, but honestly, introducing the guy was a surreal experience.

It was a lifetime kind of moment, one that will be reflected on when April 24th comes up from here until the casket drops. Let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we?

Fourty Four

Imagine having your cell phone taken away,

by Secret Service ’cause it’s deemed a risk to security,

What would a 21-year old even do?

This kid from the Mile High City was over the moon,


Not a fan of the yogurt incident but it’s not always about you,

It’s about people in those moments living without rear view,

Having to wait with a secret agent who’s beyond nervous,

Meanwhile I’m drinking water even though food was free service,


Those motorcades move faster than anything,

I mean there are no traffic jams for presidential residency,

Didn’t know you could go 55 while on the Hill,

but there was a lot to learn that day after the Sink visit,


Apparently y’all were waiting for hours in some awful heat,

having to stand and then shuffle in line with little to drink,

Kind of messed up you treat your audience like that,

but what else do you expect from those focused on their own life path,


Time was the slowest I think it’s ever been,

followed by the quickest fueled with adrenaline,

smooth transitions and some words that came from the heart,

before the big moment when that building fell apart,


Dapped him up with a hug it was superlative,

Then the spotlight waned and that was it,

I’m thankful to have been in the crowd, finally got my phone back,

Never thought I’d have a moment like that,


This was to take you down a memory from the inside,

ideally those who were there recall it in the same light,

I appreciate all of you excited after coming in the doors,

April 24th what a day, thank you fourty-four.





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