NaPoWriMo poem #22: Perseverance

For the second poem of our sixth year as a blog, it’s been a bit of a reflective time, recalling all that’s been written about and covered.

However, one thematic that kept showing itself was the idea of continuing to push through, which inspires today’s piece.


Purposeful, thoughtful when I jot down lyrics,

never thinking about statues

just how y’all are gonna hear it,

making sure I reference those who been drillin’,


Practicin’, studyin’, learning techniques,

figuring out synonyms for eclectic and unique,

distinct intentions for what I do,

extensive preparation I bring to you,


Never thought I’d be where I am,

kept sipping too much doubt juice,

but cleansed my spirit when jamming true

emcees involved in my city and on the road too


Basically you have to motivate that mirror with your passions,

fashion a demographic niche who will give you traction,

I think after all this scrimmaging I’m figuring it out,

Mile High City might have another emcee to worry about.


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