NaPoWriMo poem #30: Closing Credits

You came, you read, you enjoyed (hopefully). 30 poems up, 30 poems down. In the span of a little over four weeks, NaPoWriMo 2018 has come and gone like it always does.

Join us for this last piece and enjoy the departing piece below:

Closing Credits

That was quick,

30 days simply flew by,

we addressed a plethora of issues again oh my,

Try as you might,

this flow won’t be stopped,

ya wanna stop this rhythm,

better find an assassin trained in prison,

Risen above expectations,

and delivered bar after bar,

no drug dealing or subpar basketball though,

’cause these bricks of knowledge came down hard,

Scarred are your beliefs of who we are,

Disconnected from nonsense I’m my own worst critic,

Been spitting all this millenia and I can’t resist it,

Dissed me it doesn’t matter I know what I can do,

Six-stoned Thanos could try and stop me

but I’d drop him quicker than senators gearing up to lose


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