NaPoWriMo Poem #5: Silvery Mystique

By Daniel Paiz

There’s a variety of writing prompts used throughout NaPoWriMo, to jostle and shake free your creative cobwebs. However, what I tend to do is write about what’s impacting my life, what’s happening on a systemic level, and what are some pop cultural references that I enjoy and you might too. I also tend to write rhymes, and it feels like an introspective piece is what Silvery Mystique is going to be.

Silvery Mystique

Include any of your favorite pointing at yourself in the mirror memes,

those things are what we laugh about because we won’t cry.

Why pray tell do we feel so unwell yet ignore it like under a spell,

Hell, I don’t get it.

Heaven only knows how we navigate in between these realms where,

ego and insecurity are identical twins,

where Huffy and Schwinn was our toughest decision yet,

kids of a certain age won’t get that nostalgic reference. Therein lies the rub,


Not only are generations disconnected, heck we can’t even relate to ourselves.

The jail we agree to via terms and conditions has put us in technological rendition,

We are subservient to devices that data mine us while we focus on our reflections,

Deflecting who we really are for who we wanna be.

Why not be free? Because it’s a term we learned in a history book that now?

Is simply a mystery.

Panopticon complexes are everywhere and yet we gladly salute them.

We are our own worst enemy and yet we ostracize such strokes of a pen.


Bend the knee we cannot seem to do, even if it might be in our best interests.

Enough with the references because Khaleesi can’t inspire you enough to change,

Stuck in a range of pain ingrained from at times feeling insane because you feel at all.

What a fall, Rome is holding our beer and is astonished with our lack of fear,

as we steer clear of figuring out the mystique of all things silvery.

We stand in front of our reflections and yet don’t see ourselves.

I am unwell, as are you, because we can’t accept what we exude.

There has to be a shift in more than just this contemporary mood.



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