NaPoWriMo Poem #8: Lessons

By Daniel Paiz

Time flies quicker than one might realize, as we are already a week into NaPoWriMo 2019! Hopefully you have enjoyed the pieces up to this point, as well as the three video performances so far.

This next piece is about realizing what lessons you’ve learned thus far, and what you (me, or whoever needs this piece today) still needs to learn in this thing called life.


Perhaps it’s fate or just a cruel sense of poetic justice,

but school initially is supposed to be about 13 years,

Kindergarten through the 12th grade.

However, that’s only your foundational start point,

It is not what prepares you for the big blue orb that you somehow

are still glued to as it spins continuously in this giant universe.

Well, in some ways it is and in other ways it is not,

allow me to explain further.


Lessons are learned only when you repeat mistakes again and again

and again and again until you figure out what you’re doing wrong.

The problem is there is no right answer, or,

there is really only a best answer.

You can help yourself at the expense of exploitation of those you never see,

Or you can make an impact on someone by volunteering to be exploited.

You can change someone’s life at the risk of your own,

how is it that American society has learned this as the only way to live in 2019?


Again, lessons are when you make mistakes until you learn from them.

I’ve made the mistake of living by what I want or think things are supposed to be,

rather than taking things as they are and making decisions based off of that reality.

Another lesson learned is that feeling is bad.

Now this isn’t to say expressing a range of emotions is,

but rather expressing to others these feelings can often be turned against you.

This is why people are quitting the game of life instead of restarting the campaign.


This is why people tend to express their pain by what they induce into their veins,

this is why people are so set on not learning what they can from life’s lessons.

Because while people can grow stronger and better equipped to deal with these lessons,

they are often knocked down for having vulnerability and only recently,

has this mindset been learned to be a mistake.

This is why lessons are so important long before you read a textbook,

cultivate a lab sample,

or worry about an exam.


From me to you and everyone we know, this lesson has to be learned quicker,

so that those who have already learned decide to keep going each day.



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