Lessons for Tomorrow (National Poetry Writing Month poem #25)

By Daniel Paiz

PC: Marek Enterprise

Life is all about lessons, and National Poetry Writing Month always helps to bring that epiphany back around again. Lessons can be learned the hard way, or they can be embraced and taken hands on. There are different kinds of lessons to navigate though.

There’s learning from the past. Recapping one’s day and analyzing the pluses and minuses is another way to go as well. How one applies what they have learned from yesterday and today is the best way to draw up lessons for tomorrow.

Lessons for Tomorrow

Looking up to one who raises you,

plenty of absorption going on,

realizing how much they do,

repaying them isn’t something that can be done.

Fast forward to decades later,

where things have shifted a bit,

there’s still wisdom being bestowed,

but one is picking certain tidbits.

Present day where things aren’t belayed,

disagreements will run amok,

cannot forget the importance of some,

but also, a warning for not listening to life’s judge.


regret permeates despite mostly happiness,

there doesn’t have to be continual repetition,

it’s uphill but one can shatter cycles of generational rifts.


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