NaPoWriMo Poem #12: Resurgence

By Daniel Paiz

If you’ve faced an uphill battle before or felt like things were moving along slowly, I can relate. Sometimes when you’re working towards a goal it can feel like you’re walking in sand. That doesn’t mean you should give up, but rather keep pushing forward. It might be hard, but nothing worth achieving is easy. If you’ve liked our previous pieces so far, hopefully this one meets those same expectations.


Remember when

times were nearly at a breaking point,

where you thought you could go no further,

you had nothing more to give

after what efforts you made,

you realized you weren’t spent but merely drained?

That’s where you have to have a resurgence.

Now, you might not feel like you need a revival,

but let me tell you a bit about survival.


There’s a time where you have to

learn more than succeed,

where what you receive you deem

not what you were going for,

not what you have focused on,

and not what you wanted to be doing.

Everybody has to push through the void,

destroy that façade that you are

at the top when you’re not

but instead you are a pot of ingredients

where things grow or rot.


You have the nutrients inside to wither or to bloom,

you have the ability to quench your thirst or drown,


No, rising from ashes, from filth,

from struggle is not easy.

But nothing worth doing is going

to be a swipe and a click.

Nothing you’re fighting for is going

to be a first-round knockout.

Everything you dream,

is based upon tirelessly working.

Are you surging ahead, or

withering away from resurfacing?





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