NaPoWriMo Poem #14: For The Throne

By Daniel Paiz

When whirlwind weekends hit, they hit you hard. This one has flown by with a handful of different work and creative challenges, but it is ending just in time for the start of something magical. Something we have ALL been waiting on for what seems like forever. Whether you’re more about King’s Landing or Winterfell, you know what time it finally is: Game of Thrones flow time.

For The Throne Flow

Nearly a decade has passed,

or what seems like it,

where we’ve awaited for ascension to see

just who the Throne fits.

It could be a people’s champion,

or an evil witch most foul.

Follow along with this to see who I predict,

don’t be salty at my hopeful pick.


Now the most devious would be Cersei,

quite possibly because this show drains all hope,

and who knows,

Mad Queen matching the Mad King has a

devilish type flow,

and through sheer madness is how they cope.

But don’t lose perspective,

there’s a colder throne sitter we all loath,


No I’m not talking Jaime,

but the stealer of dragons himself,

we’ll see the mettle of the Night King in

the Battle of Winterfell.

Now his connection to Men of old,

could be the true mic drop,

let’s hope he’s not a Stark or Targaryen,

because that would throw the world off.


Speaking of the world’s favorite couple,

Queen of Dragons or the man back from death would do,

It might be the biggest transition yet,

to see Khaleesi sit atop the throne at the end of it.

Now I’m rooting for Jon Snow,

truly not of royalty at least until the end,

but it feels like Ned would get some peace,

knowing the ruler who knows nothing is there in spite of it.




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