NaPoWriMo Poem #27: Rhyme Schemes

By Daniel Paiz

Spoken word, Slam Poetry, rhyming, free verse: they all have their place and time. NaPoWriMo honestly feels like a time to explore all of these and more. However, it’s been very haiku and slam poetry-heavy so far.

That means, it feels like it’s time to get back to what inspired me to do all this in the first place, even though it isn’t always considered poetry. That is to say, it’s time for some bars to drop once again from this (virtual) pen.

Rhyme Schemes

Some people’s minds are thicker than Thor is,

amazing how we can’t accept things like Tormund,

I’m sorry is there too much pop culture in these bars,

normally culture vultures love references

to be contemporary stars,

bars scar ego,

that’s why fools waffling on missing that G-code,

but homework isn’t as fascinating

as waiting on songwriters to finish a verse,


manufactured plants salivating,

hesitating and berating anything

that hurts their brand,

it’s better to market thoughtfully then acting a Stan,

but plan for this effect to fade,

those mumblers in a rage,

so much so some are retiring rather than engage,

I’m okay with people finessing their own style,

but instead façade building is how they pile,


temporary cash before unemployment office denial,

rile up those disputing the truth

and it’ll boost your views,

I’m realizing gaming the system is old news,

pool your resources instead within

your own community,

I’d rather be a Nipsey Hussle

than a Lil or a Yung anything.


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