“You Don’t See What I Mean”: A special summer NaPoWriMo piece

By Daniel Paiz

“You Don’t See What I Mean” comes from a cluster of things leading up to needing a creative outlet that helps to vent one’s frustrations. Working a lot over the past month, not writing a whole lot, and not getting to utilize my usual creative outlets of video and filming led to this pointed group of words. The more you know about me, the more you’ll understand what’s being verbally eviscerated in the following piece.

Thinking that this should also make its way into other forms of media I’ll be working on soon, so don’t be surprised if you see this piece again somewhere.

You Don’t See What I Mean

Soul castrated,
Feelin’ jailed in the mirror,
Cuz my mind’s regulated,
Dedicated art to stop start the heart,
Things have been tantamount to torture via doubt,
Stout no liquor,
Anger thicker than these lenses suspended,
Without animation I feel robotic like clout.

Paramount to vent,
The elixir to avoid stents in my blood’s pen,
I’m strange without music,
Syllabic current lessons excluded,
Reduce this sentence to naught,
Thoughts fraught with questions,
Did I mention this creative suspension,
Is currently an unwanted word contraception?

I could go darker but it’d only be for shock,
Locked in I’m not just in my mind at a loss,
Stock is getting low,
No trading currency but currently dipping lunacy,
I turn off the knobs when working,
Otherwise I’d be questioning why I’ve chosen this shop,
Creating shows for people unaware of their decadence,
Wasting resources because their greed prevalent.

I still have career vision lacking 20/20 precision,
Yeah that means things will shift again,
Because whether or not it’s morning or night,
The hours like the movie are opposite of delight,
Subliminals are my best friend,
Understand this is a lesson,
But not just for me because,
If you don’t change, you’ll always have less than…


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