End of Summer NaPoWriMo: Rhyme Time

By Daniel Paiz

So it isn’t April and National Poetry Writing Month is still more than six months away. However, that doesn’t mean one shouldn’t continue to write rhymes, poetry, etc. That’s why this out of the blue End of Summer piece is seeing the light of day.

It was initially written a few months ago, but has polished a bit for this post. It’s really meant to get the creative juices flowing again, as this writer has had a dry well lately and is in need of replenishing that fountain of rhyme. That leads me to introducing this piece, simply titled “Rhyme Time”:

Rhyme Time

Remember when you rhymed all the time,
Now you mime grind while wasting brain cells in line,
With other entry level nonsense that’s an exit from creativity,
An exit to development,

Of mental security,
Infinite push towards mediocrity,
Paying bills feels like misogyny,
An abuse towards those who grow us,

Inside fleshy cacophony,
Listless is my witness to destruction,
Of my mental fitness,
Stupendous is the fallacy that

You and I can imprint this,
Impart our wisdom on wild ones,
I file down my energy to abide some,
Just the world in my brain,

My soul will blast past dead end lanes,
I train beyond the rails of hell,
To expel nazis and incels,

Intel tells me nonsense will soon dispel.


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