NaPoWriMo Preview: The Tragedy of the Blue Bear

By Daniel Paiz

Since it’s almost March (Feb 29th strikes again), it’s time to start preparing for NaPoWriMo 2020. The following is a sneak peak of what might be in store this April.

The Tragedy of the Blue Bear

Always peering

Never able to act,

Ironic the biggest party,

Is the hunting of one’s own kin

The hint of furry skin reaching death

Is one reflecting the sky’s hue

Believe me

The outlook isn’t one of hope

It’s seeking escape from

The unfathomablely reckless place

Space aplenty

Too much brevity

Unlock the chain

containing soul

Unsteady the remedy

So simple it’s hilarious to be

Unable to see leaving

is your only chance

Unlike the poor creature

Backside always featured

Unaware of

where the world goes

Should the window collapse

The foundation may snap

And yet still the omnivore

Will be forever trapped


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