NaPoWriMo 2020 Poem #28: Summer’s Here

By Daniel Paiz

Time waits for no one and yet again the month of April has almost joined the ranks of every other past month in history. It’s been a very different month but one of awesome growth and necessary reflections. There have been a lot of rhymes, a few slam poetry pieces and a larger than expected number of haikus.

The following is another offering to appease your desire for poetic forms this month.

Summer’s Here

It’s too early for the topless

barely above 80 degrees,

90 plus Fahrenheit requires sensitive areas needing sunscreen,

my neck feelin’ it

headnodic year-round lyrics leading to stress,

crowns can cause head injuries after success,

strictly lyrical no boisterous showboating,

floating above your yachts without even sailing,


Starboard is for hardcore nautical types

I’m more so describing my mic-bending future rise,

tripping over syllables before the first shot,

no flares to warn you who’s next,

blessed with verbal manipulation

I’m multiplying my written worth,

calculating how movement from Denver to Calcutta

will happen in a year’s amount of work,


I’ll turn down the melody and chop the bass,

no trees or radio messages hidden when I terminate

those emcees refusing to recognize and won’t vacate,

my word game is the Sixth for Jordan’s sake,

24 Mambas learning that mentality,

Curry feeling dried out with my fluid family,

I’ll slow my roll and save some lines for later,

reread these treats so you can better savor


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