NaPoWriMo 2020 Poem #29: Newfound Loon

By Daniel Paiz

This whole global pandemic thing isn’t necessarily weighing down this writer when it comes to stress or anxiety, it’s more just being fatigued from it. The increased reports that say little to nothing different, the measures slightly altering, the continued remaining at home; it all takes its toll.

The following is just a way to process what’s happening by putting some words together and attempting to explain one’s mind. A difficult task, no doubt, but one that’ll give you a glimpse and hopefully resonate with you at this time.


Newfound Loon

Amash running for president is about as relevant

as GTA V’s Dignity Village,

making about as much difference as

an NPC being next to the start of a new mission,

Hiding in Coveted Cove was an option,

but now five stars are unneeded

since law enforcement stays using measures so toxic,

Why use headlines & gaming references, can you stop it?


The plan here is simple unlike that band’s relevance,

prevalent disconnections on how to annunciate,

when scrolling aimlessly in the bathroom

after angrily checking on stimulus delay,

Pardon taking a break from taking Pippen’s side,

and catching up on Ahsoka Tano’s newest mood,

not even binging just watching an episode or two,

because writing is the job for my mental attitude,


Screwed but not chopped are preferences musically today,

because keeping up with everything

has my mind fighting a haywire kind of decay,

play, belay, pray, delay attention to the news feed,

soul bleeds with information flooding screens,

drowning if not for poetic life savor donut shaped things,

words express how you feel, mood, avoidance of doom,

soon it’ll pass, imitate on water groups of loons…



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