NaPoWriMo 2020 Poem #30: To Be Read Again Next April

By Daniel Paiz

30 poems in 30 days is now complete at the conclusion of April. As always there were lines that had to be read again, rewritten, and even scratched out. There were haikus aplenty in April. Rhymes and slam poetry pieces to be read aloud in person. But most importantly, this journey led one to realize how important writing is, and what you learn about yourself when doing so. This final NaPoWriMo 2020 piece is meant to be read again next April, and perhaps every other one that follows.

To Be Read Again Next April

I’m more Jedi Order quality than Knights of Malta,

Yo Papa, no reform in lineage society,

sorry to croak on ideas, Dalla Torre,

Allegedly I gotta sit back, relax and let myself go,

I’m sweatin’ what I heard cuz you clearly don’t know,

Take a breath and own it,

freeze frame but don’t yet Volta,


Mars attacking would be a blessed holster,

Earth would never see it coming or

should I say human inhabitants never would,

or rather wood because we chop down what

keeps us alive via drive misunderstood,

shifting gears only war is the language,

V is not for victory but how many times replayed

it’s uncanny the storyline,


crafted in less than half a year,

virulent negligence seems quite clear

and yet no charges ever pressed,

despite words inked on persons of interest,

Sinister are the gains of today despite

tomorrow being worse off for instance,

2019 life is a closed chapter to all, this time next year

let’s hope this virus isn’t Alaric leading Rome’s fall.



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