Halloween NaPoWriMo 2021: Under Wraps

By Daniel Paiz

It’s been some time yet again since a NaPoWriMo piece has graced the digital pages of this publication. Fortunately for readers and this writer alike, the rhyme is no longer under wraps. Halloween is a time to spook one another as well as ourselves. This is also a time to reflect, as the changing of seasons leads to a death of sorts for many natural entities, and a reset button for the rest of us as the cold (for us in the Northern hemisphere) approaches crunchily.

There hasn’t been too much written around here that goes with a frightening theme. Perhaps that changes below, or perhaps it’s a rhythmic attempt that falls short. Either way, it’s time to brush the cobwebs off (or on?) and see.

Under Wraps

Remove the covers even if

it’s not your druthers,

as you google that last word, here

let me back it up.

I realize the feeling you’re fighting inside,

whether or not you should resign

and design your perfect life, so

you have the funds to not go bankrupt?

Undercover of another land,

where grand massacre expands,

further than the flight path of

Chile’s newest Rhamphor,

Is celebrating the lack of rerouting,

burning and pillaging nomadic housing,

seriously it’s 2021

patronage to hiding facts is today’s Rancor pit.

Unearth what’s truly terrifying,

beyond the bone dust that’s grown old.

The unnamed warriors long lost before

a military grave never filled over Nacotchtank remains.

Doom scroll and stream away,

content means we’re content to disengage,

the plan to true transformation

is kept under wraps, after another commercial break.


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