Poesia para Dia De Muertos: Celebrating those Dearly Departed during Day of the Dead

By Daniel Paiz

Halloween is a fun time of year, where folks tend to play a role and surround themselves with things that scare and thrill them. Just a few days later, however, is Dia de Muertos, or Day of the Dead. The name might sound something that brings one down, or ironically macabre. But, it is not a time of simply mourning or missing those who have left our current realm of existence. Instead it is a time to celebrate those no longer around us.

The past year, year and a half has been a really heavy time for a lot of folks. People have lost family, friends, loved ones and others that left some kind of mark in their life. This following piece is to remember and honor those I’ve lost, and to offer some solace during that time of the year where community and connections mean a bit more.

Celebrating those Dearly Departed

For those who have

laughed with me and made ridiculous scenarios fun for all,

for those who

had that creative energy that led them

halfway across the world despite their unknown demise,

for another who

taught me what I know about

sports, baseball and never letting the chin drop low,

I find myself musing about you.

You who might have

sparked my storytelling bug at a young age,

propelling me to write stories that

for hours had me engaged.

To you over there who,

matched the sports love and quoted shows we

both watched too much of and still loved,

and that everlasting Divo that inquired about my viewpoint

despite knowing we might clash a bit, honey.

Those people likely resound with you

and the people you miss and cherish today.

This day when I

think of all the care and love you sowed,

in spite of the chaos that surrounded you so.

The glue you were to fraying edges,

pledged to keep going knowing,

it would drag you to where it ultimately did.

None of us know what will make someone go alone,

But remember and fondly recall what they left you.

Lessons and love are what keeps one going,

Showing you learned from them and hold on to

guarantees those not here never leave us.

Memories inform us and leave us not grievous.


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