Disingenuous (National Poetry Writing Month poem #23)

By Daniel Paiz

Another one of those art begets more art kind of moments right now, at least when it comes to the creation of this latest national poetry writing month entry. I’ve been in a bit of a music rut, and so decided to try something new. Well, new music from an artist I’ve listened to for some time.

The project is brand new and hits the script this artist follows. The following piece isn’t necessarily about said artist. Instead, it’s a response to both artists like this artist in general, as well as perhaps a particular line that made me think about being disingenuous.


Got a dozen truck’s worth of product to move, 

Docks know the tonnage is heavier stuff, 

Landlocked but still sailing these sees,

Eyeballing your attention, no you’re not paranoid, 

Best fiction writer whose never dry,

Years removed from logistics,

But somehow can claim knowledge

On a life that passed me by,

It’s not disingenuous if it took place,

Somehow, somewhere, 

I’m a narrator who Pepsis these Coke raps,

Hot off the top when Jackson’s music didn’t stop,

same old formula as the reference above,

it makes sense to keep doing what you love,

but maybe make sure claims made,

don’t require looking back on a previous decade’s dust.


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