A Year Later… (National Poetry Writing Month Poem #30)

By Daniel Paiz

After much effort and little dismay, national poetry writing month is no longer here to stay. It has been a whirlwind of 30 days, creating 30 pieces that have ranged across all kinds of topics. Sometimes there was a haiku preference, but it could’ve been worse.

Many thanks to everyone who stuck around the whole time. If you only read a few, that’s okay too. This last piece is one that’s a bit heavy for me, as this time last year was a shocking revelation of events. I won’t go into too much detail, but a year ago someone close to me lost their battle that most of us in the family didn’t realize they were having. If you are someone dealing with any kind of questions or sadness or whatever, make sure to check the poster below the poem. Here are some thoughts a year later.

A Year Later…

A year later,

how has it already been,

time flies whether it’s in good times or

whack work leading to ever growing frustration,

Cuz, I still remember when you called me at the Center,

unsure of how you were feeling,

I tried to say it was no big deal and make you feel better,

make you feel that everybody had off days and the world hadn’t caved,

wish we had talked more one on one after that,

seems like we never did,

maybe I blew that chance to calm worry,

leading thee to not rely on me while confronting fears,

didn’t seem like those strawberry lemonades were all that bitter,

but that cup you had might’ve been mixed with sadness though no tears.

A year later I reflect on others whose storyline dropped,

seems like this rolodex would be that of someone older, more accustomed to loss.

Sweeney your laughter still echoes in my brain to this day,

didn’t know what you were dealing with but hope you’re in a better place,

Katy I always appreciated your creativity and openness to life,

saddened to still not know what really led to an early ending that night.

Duffy we were never close,

but your energy lit up a room and I’ll remember that the most.

Speaking of energy, Kenna a room was yours to own,

appreciative of the times we laughed and had random music convos.

Jesse was that partner across all kinds of school year things,

man hooping and games and birthday parties were easy just doing our thing.

Family had a big impact too, taught me more than I thought I knew,

Gramps reminded me to keep my head up,

Moms is partially why I’m still today a storyteller too.

Other family members I didn’t see for quite a spell,

I still recall what lessons they passed along well.

A year later I hope all of these people are resting in blessings.

Hope you’re well, Cuz.


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